Create and Select Customers for Quick Invoice

1. Creating a Customer Profile

When you receive an order from your customer, you will have to create a quick invoice and select them as the order's customer. If this is a client which hasn't been added to the system, you will have to go onto the [CRM] tab and select [Customers].

Click on [New] and enter your customer's information. While there may be a lot of fields, you should definitely enter the information in the following fields:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Address

Click on [Save] once you are done. You can always go back to edit its information whenever you want to.

2. Creating a Quick Invoice

With your customer's newly created profile, you can now create a quick invoice for his order and submit its payment.

We will be describing how to select your customer during the creation of a Quick Invoice. To see how to create a quick invoice in the system, please visit for more details.

Go onto the [Sales Invoice] page in the side menu bar and click [New Quick Invoice}. Now, you can select the drop down menu on the Customer field and select your client.

Fill in the rest of your invoice's information, and select [Save], and you can see your newly created quick invoice in the list view with your client's name. If you wish to pay right away, you can click on [Submit for Authorization].

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