Payment Authorization and Settlement of Quick Invoice

When submitting your client's payment for an invoice with credit card, the payment would be split into 3 steps. The transaction would need to be authorized, then submitted for settlement, and finally captured and settled. This guide will explore the entire process from the very beginning stages in paying for a newly created invoice.

Flow of Payment Authorization and Settlement

1. Payment Authorization

Creating the Invoice / Selecting an Unpaid Invoice

In order to submit your client's invoice payment for authorization, you will have to 

  • create an invoice first by clicking on [New Quick Invoice], or
  • click on an invoice in the list view with a corresponding Payment Status of “Unpaid”.

Filling in the Invoice's Information

On the New Quick Invoice page, enter/update the following information of the invoice.

  • Customer*
  • Order Total (HK$)*
  • Quote / Invoice ID
  • CRI or PO Number
  • Remarks
  • Invoice Attachment
  • Purchase Order Attachments
  • Delivery Note Attachments

For your file attachments, please ensure to upload them in the following formats to ensure a successful upload:

  • PDF
  • PNG
  • JPEG

Submit Invoice Payment for Authorization

A pop-up will appear where you will need to fill in your client's payment method details. The Card Number, Expiry Date, and Cardholder Name fields are required while the CVC is optional to fill in.

On Phase 1, the only available payment methods are credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard.

After filling in your client's card details, click [Authorize] in order to submit their payment.

*Please note that on Phase 2, other payment methods such as AliPay, WeChat Pay, and digital wallets will be available to use, and the authorization process will be skipped.

If the payment information has been inputted correctly, the payment authorization should be completed successfully.

Click on [Go Back] to return to the “Invoices” page with the list view.

*Note that if your transaction is unsuccessful, you can click on [Go Back] to return to the payment popup where you can update your payment information.

The payment of the invoice has now been authorized, and you will be redirected back to the “Invoices” page.

The invoice’ statuses now appear as:

  • “Invoice Status” = “Created” 
  • “Payment Status” = “Authorized”.

After an invoice has been authorized, you can click on it to submit it for settlement.

2. Payment Settlement

Submit Invoice Payment for Settlement

On the invoice page “View Quick Invoice”, you can click on [Submit for Settlement] in order to proceed with the settlement process of the payment.

Please make sure that all of the relevant information including stamped/signed Invoice, Purchase Orders, and Delivery Notes are attached.

A pop-up will appear where you will need to confirm to proceed with the settlement. 

On the popup, click on [Proceed to Settlement] in order to continue to settle your client's payment.

*Please note that there may be an administration fee for any invalid submission. 

Your client's payment of the invoice has now been submitted for settlement, and you will be redirected back to the “Invoices” page.

The invoice’ statuses now appear as: 

  • “Invoice Status” = “Created” 
  • “Payment Status” = “Submitted for Settlement”.

3. Payment Settlement Finalized

In order for the payment process to be completely settled, a team from Bindo will be in charge of manually checking the documents and completing the settlement.

After the team has completed this process, the invoice on the “Invoices” page will have updated statuses. The invoice’ statuses now appear as: 

  • “Invoice Status” = “Completed” 
  • “Payment Status” = “Captured”

Afterwards, the bank will finally have settled the payment of the invoice assuming that everything flows smoothly. You should then be able to see your client's payment amount in your bank account. The invoice’ statuses now appear as: 

  • “Invoice Status” = “Completed” 
  • “Payment Status” = “Settled”
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