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One single product can be attached with one or more attributes sometimes. For example, a T-shirt can be in different sizes and colors. In this case, we call ‘T-shirt’ a parent product, and ‘small-size pink T-shirt’ is one of its children products.

Inventory Matrix is often introduced when the products each have a number attributes and configurations—such as size, color, weight, material, imprint, placement of features, process, finish or packaging. In the matrix, all the possible configurations would be represented in the combination of the said attributes.

This article will talk about how to use ‘Matrices’. It is actually very easy. Just follow the instructions and you will get it fast!

Step 1: Make sure the parent product is added

First of all, you have to make sure the parent product has been imported, or created. If not, you can manually add it into your inventory list, check out how to create new inventory or bulk import inventory here. To add a new product, you need to go to Product Master, click ‘New’ Button at the right-down corner, and input the information of the product. After you save it successfully, the product will be added to your inventory list.

Product Master -> Product Master -> create New

Step 2: Go to the product matrices module

Go to Product Master -> Matrices to find the parent product and view its single record view. If there are too many products, you can use the search filter on the top to find the aimed product quickly. From the parent product's single record view, click on Edit button to start editing. Remember to switch the tab from Overview to Matrices to edit the attributes.

Switch to Matrices tab to edit the attributes

Step 3: Add and edit attributes

Click Add Matrices to add the inventory's attributes. Once you add all the attributes, the system will create all the possible combination of the given attributes, hence create a product matrix.

Every attribute has their values. For example, ‘Small’, ‘medium’, and ‘large’ are the values of ‘size’, while ‘leather’, ‘cotton’ and ‘fabric’ are the values of ‘texture’. You can click ‘+New Tag’ to edit values for every matrix.

For example, the parent product is Booster Seats, attached with various size values and color values. You can set the matrices like below. 

Add necessary attributes name first
Then enter the according values for each given attributes

After adding all the matrices and their values for the parent product, click ‘Next’ to save your current settings and move to the next step.

Step 4: Review and modify the children products

Our system will automatically generate a children products’ list for you, in which all the possibilities are included based on the matrices you create. 

However, sometimes you don’t need all of them. For example, there is no such product ‘Large-size Pink Booster Seats’ in your inventory list, you can click the trash bin next to it to delete this one. 

For each child inventory created from the matrix, you can modify different quantity and price value, allowing you the flexible control on each product

Click Save so that all the children products will be added to your inventory list.

Preview all the children products from the matrix will allow you to modify price, quantity, or delete any redundant product

Congrats! You have learned how to use matrices to manage your inventory smartly. If you want to edit the children product individually, don’t forget to go to ‘Inventory Management > Inventories’ to find your children product and edit them. You can upload product images, description, sku number etc. If you edit one of the children products, others will not be affected. Remember to check out our article on how edit an existing inventory!

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