Create and Edit Modifier on Dashboard

This article shows you how to create and edit modifiers on dashboard. Please click here to learn how to create and edit modifiers on POS system.

Create a Modifier Set on Dashboard

1. To create a modifier, navigate to the side menu bar>inventory management>modifiers.

2. Click “New” to create a modifier set.

3. Fill in a name for this modifier set.

4. Under operations choose “add” or “deduct” to determine whether this modifier is an add on or a deduction.

5. Next, choose whether the modifier is going to be a “Combo(Single)” or “Text(Multiple).

6. Under Combination Modifier Set Options/Modifier Set Options click on Add and select product from the inventory list or enter option names for the modifier.

7. For each modifier option or product you may choose to define “Change in Price”. If this is an “Add” modifier the “Change in Price” must be $0.00 or positive, and if it is a “Deduct” modifier it should be $0.00 or negative. The default price $0.00 means that when the modifier option is added or deducted the item price will not change. 

8. To set up a modifier with a standard price option, choose “fixed pricing” under the variable pricing option. By choosing the other option, “variable pricing”, the price will only be entered at checkout. 

9. Once the necessary information has been filled up. Click on Save.

10. Next, set the minimum and maximum options the customer can choose.

11. You will have to confirm the modifier set options which includes: 

  • Unlimited quantity: By checking this box, this allows the user to select the same option more than once.
  • Available in order level: Check this option to allow the modifier to be applied for all items in an order.
  • Allow modifier prefix: This option is commonly chosen if the modifier is “Text(Multiple)”. By enabling this option, you are able to view additional options when assigning the modifier to an item. The options are “Add”, “Less”, “More”, “Change”, “With”, “No”, and “Side”. 
  • Auto popup modifier: This option is selected by default. If this option is not chosen, the modifier menu will not automatically show when applicable items are added to a sale.
  • Allow to change options: Check this box to allow the modifier to be changed after the order has been saved.
  • Show on receipt: The modifier that was chosen will be shown on the receipt.

12. Lastly, at the top, choose “items” and select the products for which you want the modifier to apply to. If you would like the modifier to be applied to all products of a specific department, choose departments and select the necessary department.

13. Click save and the modifier set is made.

Edit Modifier Set on Dashboard

Once a modifier set has been made, you are able to edit this modifier. However the only option you are not able to change is the type of modifier (Combo or Text).

Delete Modifier Set on Dashboard

To delete a modifier, navigate to the side bar>inventory management>modifiers. The list of modifiers you have made will be listed down, click on the three dots of the modifier you wish to delete, and click delete. This modifier should be removed from your list.

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