Loyalty Programs

Creating Loyalty Programs

This feature is used to track customer spending and rewards

1. To create loyalty programs, navigate to the side bar>CRM>Loyalty Programs. Click on "new" located in the bottom right corner.

2. Choose the membership level you want this loyalty program to be applied to.

3. Rules for getting membership points 

  • Period for getting points: In this option you can choose one of three options (1 Day, 90 Days and 365 Days).
  • Count Type: The two options this feature has is track order count and track total spent.
  • Track Order Count: For example, you can offer 1 point per $20 purchase in any department. Alternatively, you can offer 1 point for every $10 purchased in the Accessories department and 1 point for every $20 purchase in the Grooming department. As long as one of the requirements is fulfilled, the customer will earn 1 point, but no more than 1 point per order.
  • Track Total Spent: In this option, you can offer 1 point for every $20 spent in the Dog and Cat Departments and 1 point for every $50 spent in the Grooming department. If a customer spends $45 in Dog and $60 in Grooming, they’ll earn 3 points. If they spend $19.99 in Cat and $49.99 in Grooming, they earn 0 points. If they spend $10 in Dog and $10 in Cat, they’ll earn 1 point.(because the Dog and Cat departments reward stamps at the same Total Spent amount, they are aggregated). 
  • Maximum spending limit: In this feature, add the maximum spending limit required by the customer
  • Maximum number of transactions: Choose the maximum number number of transactions that need to be made by the customer. 
  • Timeout period for maximum spending rule / maximum number of transactions: This means setting a time frame for when they are able to earn membership points again. For example, you set the timeout period for maximum spending rule as 24 hours. If a customer has to spend $1000 to earn points and they have already spent $1000 today, the customer will only be able to earn points after 24 hours for transactions that are $1000 or over. 
  • Applies to Specific Payment Methods Only: You can choose whether earning these membership points is only applicable via a specific payment method. Once you click on the box, a drop down will appear with the different payment methods you can choose from.

4. Loyalty Program Applies to

  • You are able to choose whether this specific loyalty programme applies to everything or it only applies to specific departments. You can then click on “add” and enter data for the points conversion rule. This means the minimum price of the product in order to qualify for points. 

5. Rules for exchanging membership points to store credit

  • Store credit is a type of monetary form where as loyalty points are not, therefore you would need to specify the amount of points that is equivalent to store credit by click on "add" located at the bottom left corner.

6. Once you’ve filled in all the required fields, click on “Save”. 

Editing Loyalty Programs

To edit a loyalty program, click on the three dots of the membership level you would like to update and click on edit.

Deleting Loyalty Programs

To delete a loyalty program, click on the three dots of the membership level you would like to delete the loyalty program for and click delete. Once you have deleted this, you are not able to revert this action.

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