Table Reservation System Setup

Guide to Setting Up a Reservation System

1. Starting and Ending Times Setting

  • Select the tab [Store Opening Hours] under the “Settings” option
  • Change the booking start and end times by changing the store start and end times for each day of the week
  • Select the day to edit and click the [...] button
  • Select [Edit]
  • Choose the time accordingly
  • Click the [OK] button under the time selection box
  • Click the [Save] button to save the new setting

2. Store Time Segments

  • Click on the [Store Time Segments] page under “Settings”
  • Create a time segment or edit a time segment by clicking [...] and [Edit]
  • Name the time segment
  • Select the starting and ending times of the segment and click [Save]

3. Party Size Segments

  • Select the [Party Size Segments] page under “Restaurants”
  • Create a segment by clicking on [Add] or edit a segment by clicking on [...] and [Edit]
  • Give the segment a name, set its minimum table size, and set its maximum party size
  • Click [Save]

4. Quota Setting

  • Click on [Settings] under “Central Reservation Management”
  • Click the ‘Edit' button in the bottom right corner to open the editing mode
  1. Booking cut off time can be set by minutes/hour/day

If selected 2 days, the earliest booking which can be made will be 2 days later

  1. The setting for the available booking days to show in the App
  2. The setting for the booking time intervals
  3. Change the available booking quota by time segments and table type.

Click the button ‘...’ below Action and choose edit to edit the quota

4. Set the booking time segments by a maximum number of people

E.g. the time segment has a maximum capacity of 100 people, so no more than 100 people can be booked

Table Reservation Set Up Results

    After setting up your booking system, you should see it according to your Dashboard settings on your mobile app, website etc.

    Number of People

    • Based on the Party Size Segment on Dashboard


    • Based on Available Booking Days on Dashboard


    • Based on Minute Interval Type on Dashboard
    • Based on Store Opening Hours

    Table Reservation - iPad

    Booking Management

    1. Click the booking button to open the booking record page
    2. Click the [Current] button in the bottom left
    3. Select to view bookings by their [Effective Date] or [Creation Date]

    Effective Date is when the booking is, while Creation Date is when the booking was made

    4. Choose a booking to view its booking details

    5. Click the Status bar to confirm or reject the booking

    6. Click on [Confirmed] or [Canceled]

    Confirmed - Booking is accepted (email will be sent)

    Canceled - Booking is rejected (email will be sent)

    7. Once the party has arrived, select the Status Bar and click on [Arrived]

    Table Reservation - A930

    Booking Management

    1. Click on [Reservations] on the hamburger menu
    2. Click on a booking
    3. Click on [Confirm] or [Reject]

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