Content Management for Mobile Apps

  1. Select the app's main store
  2. Click on “Mobile Platform” to configure the settings

Platform Settings - Banner

To edit your banner,

  1. Click on [Platform Settings] under “Mobile Platform”
  2. Click the tab [Platform Setting] on the top

Upload photos of your choice and set a time limit to the ‘Banner Carousel Time’

Finally, click on [Save] to secure your changes.

Platform Settings - Privacy Policy and T&C

  1. Click on [Platform Settings] under “Mobile Platform”
  1. Click the tab [Platform Information] on the top
  2. Edit Privacy Policy and T&C in different languages

Promotion/News/About Us

To Create New Content Post

  • Click on [Content Management] under “Mobile Platform”
  • Click the [New] button to create new content post

Content Type

ID input not needed, as the system will automatically generate.

Select a content type:

  1. About Us
  2. News
  3. Promotion

Content Title

  • Click the [A/文] button on the right side of “Content Title”
  • Input the multi-language title of the post
  • Click [Save] to save changes

Content Body

  • Click the [A/文] button on the right side of “Content Body”
  • Click the ‘+’ button to add a new language input box
  • For the body content, there is a toolbar to change the format of the content
  • Copy and paste an image into the body content.
  • Click the ‘ruler’ button to modify the size of the image.
  • Remove the default width of the image to increase the image to the full width on the App
  • Click [Update] to update the setting

Content Status

Select the status of the post

  1. Valid - Post is online, appears on App
  2. Invalid - Post is offline, does not appear on App

Store Brands Settings

Click on [Store Brands] under Mobile Platform if you would like to update an image for the brand.


  1. Platform:Select app's platform e.g. “Sam's Restaurant”
  1. Store ID:Enter 5 digit store ID e.g. “55000”
  2. Category Name:Click the [A/文] button (multilingual) and input the Brand Name
  3. Category Image:Upload an image

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