Invoices Overview

Invoice Sales Structure

The first part of the tutorial will show you the Invoice Sales Structure Overview, and the different parts within the invoice module.

Navigate to the Side Menu Bar > Invoices Sales. You will be able to view an invoice by clicking on the three dots of the respective invoice and choosing the options.

View: By clicking on view, you will be able to view the invoice and go through different tabs within the invoice

Edit: Choosing edit will allow you to edit the current invoice

Void Invoice: Voiding the invoice will make this invoice invalid/empty.

Email Receipt: When you click on email receipt, you will be able to enter an email and this invoice will automatically be sent to the person

Once you view an invoice, you will be able to see all the details of this particular invoice. The first page you will see is the overview page, which will give you the main details of this invoice.

Under the overview section, you will see "Payment Status" and "Invoice Status". There are few scenarios that could occur with the status. 

  1. If an invoice has just been created, the status of the invoice will be invoiced and the payment status will be shown as unpaid.
  2. An invoice that is completed will have a payment status as paid. 
  3. An invoice could have the status payment failed and have the payment status as unpaid
  4. Another scenario can be that the invoice status is voided therefore the payment status will be unpaid as well.

The next tab across is Payment. Here you will be able to see the payment of the invoice

The next tab is "Delivery Note". In this tab you will see any notes that are specific to the delivery. To know more about Delivery Note, please click here.

Lastly, the "Log" tab. In this tab you are able to view the history of payment of the invoice.

Step-by-step Guide on Creating Invoices

In this part of the tutorial, we will guide you through how to create you invoices to send to your customers.

Step 1: To begin, navigate to the Side Menu Bar > Invoice Sales > Invoice Sales subsection. 

Step 2: Click on New Invoice at the bottom right corner to begin. 

Step 3: You will be directed to a page to fill in information about your invoice. In the first section, please fill in relevant fields such as the Effective date, Due Date and Reference Number.

Step 4: Select the customer from your existing database to send the invoice to.

Alternatively, you may create a new customer by clicking on the “+” icon next to the Billing To header. Note that customer profiles upon creation will be available in the customer selection menu.

Step 5: The same process should be followed for the “Ship to” section. Note that our system automatically assumes the “Bill to” address is the equivalent to the “ship to” address unless otherwise modified.

Step 6: After you have selected your customer, delivery date and shipping method, we can move on to the "Products" section. Click on "Bulk Insert" to proceed with importing your inventory.

Step 7: The inventory menu will appear. Select all products that you would like to send an invoice for by ticking the boxes on the left next to the item.

Step 8: You may now adjust the quantity ordered by your customer. The summary offers details about the invoice and transaction. Once you check that you have all the right information, click “Save” on the right.

All done! Congratulations on creating your first invoice, there will be many more to come!

How to void and refund invoices

There will be two different scenarios where you will have to void and refund an invoice. The first scenario will be voiding an invoice if the invoice has a payment status of unpaid.

You will be able to void and refund payments. If an invoice is paid pre day-end, you will be able to void this payment. If the invoice has a payment that is post day-end, you will be able refund this payment.

Step 1: Go into the invoice, and choose the payments tab. You will be able to see the payments made, click on the options button and choose void. Since this invoice payment is pre day-end, you will be able to void this payment.

Step 2: After choosing void, you will get a pop up to confirm voiding this payment.

Step 3: You payment is now voided.

Step 4: Going back into overview, you will see that your payment status has changed to unpaid. You also have the option to void the invoice.

Next, we will show you how to refund a payment.

Step 1: Go into the invoice you would like to refund. Enter the payments tab. Click into options and choose refund. This is refund because this payment is post day-end.

Step 2: You will get a pop up that allows you to choose where to refund this payment to as well as a reason for the refund. Click issue refund to confirm.

Step 3: Your payment has been refunded.

Step 4: The payment status has changed to Refunded.

That's it! We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, happy creating!

As always, our Bindo POS Experts are only one call away, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you encounter any technical difficulties. Happy to help!

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