Using Departments

You can use Departments in Bindo for various purposes.  Add an inventory item into a specific department or sub-department while creating that item - and use departments to report on that item and manage it.  In Bindo you can use departments as follows:


  • Reporting: Certain reports provide data that is automatically segmented by department and other reports allow you to filter by department.  Reports that provide data that is segmented by department/sub-department are: Sales Summary Report, the Sales by Department Report, the Product Sold Summary Report, and the Inventory Summary Report.  Other reports such as the Product Sold Breakdown Report
  • Discounts/Promotions: Set a discount to apply automatically to specific departments. Learn more about setting up discounts here.
  • Loyalty: The Bindo Customer Loyalty Program awards points based on purchases and is set up using Departments.  To offer loyalty rewards points you must indicate which departments in your store are eligible for rewards.  If you wish to offer loyalty rewards points for all purchases then all departments will be added for loyalty eligibility, and all products must be placed in a department.  Loyalty rewards points are issued only for products that in an eligible department.
  • Modifiers: Set up modifiers to apply to specific departments. Learn more about modifiers.
  • Tax Rates: Set up tax rates by department. Learn more about setting up tax rates.

Kitchen Departments: Kitchen Department is a separate but related field that is for restaurants. When configuring kitchen printers, you need to select which Kitchen Departments should be printed by a kitchen printer.

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