Creating Floor Plan and Zones

This article shows you how to create floor plans and zones in POS system.

Creating Zones and Floor Plans

1. Log in using your credentials.

2. Navigate to the side menu bar>floor plan.

3. To add a zone, click on the blue pen icon located at the right bottom corner. 

4. Click on the options (three-dots), click on “new” and name your zone. Close the pop up and press “save”. 

5. To add tables, click into the zone you would like to add a table into. Click on “new table”, you have the option to choose rectangular or circular. You are also able to move the table to place it where you want. You have the ability to edit the number of seats and table number by clicking the pen icon. You can also duplicate, delete and rotate the table to your needs. Click on “save” when you have created your floor plan. 

Using Floor Plan during Register/Order

1. To use the floor plan during sales and orders, navigate to the side menu bar>register. 

2. By clicking on the options (three-dots) you are able to choose whether the order is a take away, delivery, or just a reservation.

Making a Reservation

1. Click on the table you want to reserve. Choose “new reservation”. 

2. You will then be asked to choose cover size (pax), date & time, turn time. Lastly you will be able to choose either an existing customer or create a new customer by clicking on “new customer”

3. Once you have filled all the information, click on “save”. 

4. The table you reserved should be shown by a different colour. 

Seating and Ordering

1. Click on a table, choose cover (pax) and select a turn time. 

3. Next, you either have the choice to “seat” or “order now”. 

“Seat”: This will just show you the seated party at the selected table. To order for this table that you originally seated, just click on the table and start ordering. 

“Order Now”: Clicking on “order now” will directly bring you to the items/menu. 

4. At the order page, once you have chosen the items, click on “send” to send the order to the kitchen printer. For more information on this, read our article on “Kitchen Printer”

Reservation Overview

In the register section, click on the two rectangle to see an overview. You are able to see information for reserved, seated and ordered. 

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