How to Check and Re-Sync Payment Status in POS

The “re-sync” button is used when the completed and successful payment from mPOS has not been notified or synced with the POS system.

POS and mPOS Sync

When the transaction is being processed, you will have 30 seconds in the first popup to decide whether you would like to cancel this transaction payment process. Cancelling will bring you back to the payment page, where you will be able to choose a different method of payment, if previous transaction made was not successful.

Step 1: Transaction Result

If the transaction payment result is successful (i.e. payment was successful and syncing between mPOS, POS was successful), the POS will automatically close your payment and bring you back to the register page. However, if the transaction payment result is not successful, please continue reading this article and follow the steps.

Step 2: Unsuccessful Payment Result

If the transaction payment is successful, however the POS can not receive the transaction results you will have the option to “re-sync”. This will try to re-sync the mPOS and POS again. Keep in mind that you will only be able to re-sync twice. 

Step 3: Close & Back to Register

If after re-syncing twice and it does not work, you will only have the option “Close & back to Register”. Once you’ve clicked this option, the order will be closed. You will be able to see this order under “Register Sales”, however it will be shown as “unpaid” (not updated yet). 

Step 4: Reloading Store to Update

Quitting the app or reloading the store, will automatically update the un-synced order. Please do note that updating process could take up to day-end period. 

Manually Updating

In the extreme case that the order has not been automatically been updated, it is possible to do it manually. 

Step 1: Manual Sync

In order to re-sync manually, go under "Register Sales". Click on the order that has not been updated, click on options and download. Once you have clicked on "download", the order should be updated and shown as "paid". 

*Please do not panic if it is not updated when store/app is relaunched or reloaded. Note that process can take up to day-end period. Please make sure not to void this order. 

Online vs. Offline Data

Online Data is data already synced to the OMS (Bindo OMS system). This would include various changes to the system, orders, refunds, etc.

When offline, the data is not in sync with the OMS, as the iPad POS operates based on LAN network.

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