Setting Up Email Templates

On the Bindo Dashboard, scroll for the ‘Email Templates’ and ‘Email Templates Setting’ tab under ‘Settings’.

Customising Template Types Settings

To make changes to a certain template, click into ‘Email Template Setting’. Click on [New] on the bottom right to customise a template type. If that template type has previously already been customized,  select the 3 dots next to it on the list.

Select [View] to observe changes made, [Edit] to make further changes, or [Delete] to undo the customized changes.

Enter the store the email is dedicated to serving, and select the type of template. The store email, address, and phone number should be entered automatically by default.


The user can choose to include any links to the store’s social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Additionally, the user may also choose to customize a colour for enhancing the email content.

A subtitle may be included, and an order description to inform the customer of any changes could also be written here.

The user may choose to show or hide any necessary/unnecessary content shown below:

Email Templates

Under ‘Email Templates’, select a template type from the drop down options available.

Enter the store email under the [From] section, and manually type in the email title under [Subject] which would be repeatedly seen across all emails. The Module ID can be set by the user personally.

As seen under the [Content] section, you will have to input lines of codes in order to customize exactly how you desire your email to look like.

Click [Save] at the bottom of the page once done, and the newly made email template will appear at the top of the list.

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