Historical Sales

Selection of Store and Exportation of Report

1. Log into hq-alpha.bindo.com using necessary credentials. 

2. Navigate to the Side Menu Bar>Reports>01.Summary>01.01 Historical Sales. 

3. At the top, you are able to select date range or choose the default date ranges. Also, select the store you want to access. Multiple stores can be viewed with a single account. Click on submit to load the data. 

4. To get a PDF version of the data, press on the options button (three dots) and then export PDF.

Historical Sales Report Terms:

Transaction Amount: Total Transaction Amount

Order Count: Total Number of Orders

Average Net Sales per Order: Net Sales Divided by Order Count

Product Sold Quantity: Amount of Products Sold

Gross Sales: Total of Sales without any Deductions

Service Fee: Total Service Fee

Discount Amount: Total Discount Amount 

Refund Amount: Total Refund Amount

Rounding: Total of Rounding Based on Rounding Behaviour Settings on your Dashboard

Tax: Total Amount of Tax

Tips: Total Amount of Tips Made

Net Sales: Total of Sales with Deductions (e.g. Discounts & Refund)

Transaction Count: Number of Transactions Made

Refund Count: Total Number of Refunds Made

Non-Sales Amount: Total Amount of Sales Through Non-Monetary Transaction (e.g. Store Credit)

Non-Sales Count: Total Number of Non-Sales

Net Sales by Department: Total of Transaction with Deductions According to Department 

Net Sales by Stores: Total of Transaction with Deductions According to Stores

Net Sales by Items: Total of Transaction with Deductions According to Hour

Net Sales by Date: Total of Transactions with Deductions According to Days

Payment Breakdowns: Breakdown by Method of Payments

Unpaid Order: List of Orders That Have Not Been Paid For

Partially Paid Order: List of Orders That Have Been Partially Paid For or Overpaid

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