Menu Shortcut Codes

Use menu shortcut codes as a way to quickly add products to a sale.  Menu shortcut codes can be made up of any combination of letters and numbers, and must be unique per shortcut.  When you have a menu shortcut code set up you can add a product to a sale by simply typing that code on your screen and tapping Enter.

Set Up

Set up shortcut codes on the "Menu Setup" page.  For an overview of the functionality of this page please visit the Menu Shortcuts Set Up article.  Once you've got your menu set up, you can add a shortcut code for any product by adding a value in the "Enter Shortcut Code" field (circled in the image below).  When attempting to edit items, make sure that you see your products on the left hand side of the menu page first, then tap on the pencil icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.  After entering your shortcut code, tap on the Save button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Using Shortcut Codes

To access the Shortcut Code entry screen, go to the Register screen and tap on the Shortcut Code icon next to the "Discard" button at the bottom of the screen.  This icon is circled in the image below.

Once on the Shortcut Code entry screen tap on a letter, number, or combination of the two to type out the relevant shortcut code.  You'll see the code appear in the blank area at the middle of the screen.  In the image below the letter "A" is showing in this section.  To access all letters of the alphabet you may have to tap and scroll vertically with your finger on the part of the screen containing letters.  Once you've entered the desired shortcut value, tap "ENTER".  If the code is associated with a product, that product will be added to your sale.

Menu Shortcut 2.0

  • In the past, we don’t support having the same shortcut code to be used by multiple menu items as shortcut
  • Most recently, we need to use the same code for multiple menu items (e.g. Caesar Salad $100 Dinner, Caesar Salad $80 Lunch) because the client needs to use the same code (e.g. 101).
  • Thus, we need to start supporting the same code for multiple items
  • When a shortcut code is scanned, we use the following mechanism to locate the item
  • We find the FIRST menu item among the ACTIVE menus

Coming soon

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