Initial Setup - Socket Barcode Scanner

Note: You must use rechargeable batteries for this device, or you will void its warranty.

You must follow these instructions before using your barcode scanner for the first time. This process will put the scanner in iOS mode. We also recommend downloading the Socket Mobile Companion App from the app store which contains the same steps.


  1. Go to the iPad Settings and tap on Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is turned ON.
  2. If it's off, turn the scanner on (you'll hear 2 beeps) and scan this barcode:
  1. The scanner will play several tones and then will automatically turn off.
  2. Press the small power button until the scanner turns on (you'll hear 2 beeps) and scan this barcode to put the scanner in iOS Mode (make sure you hear 3 beeps after scanning this barcode):
  3. After you hear the 3 beeps, go to iPad → Settings → Bluetooth and tap on Socket CHS. Tap Pair and wait for it to connect.6Open Bindo POS and wait 3-5 seconds. The scanner will connect automatically.

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