Getting Started

Make sure to follow the initial barcode scanner setup before you pair it with your iPad so it's in iOS mode. Already paired? No worries, just follow these steps instead.

Add Associate

  • By now, you’ve created your store and a Bindo ID. Let's add your associates next.Tap on the sidebar menu → Settings → Associates tab.
  • Tap the more options icon (three blue dots, or a blue gear)
  • Tap Create New Associate.
  • Have your associate fill in the information, and choose their permission level.
  • Tap Create Bindo Account.Your associate now has a Bindo ID, and is added to your store.

Add Inventory

  • Open the sidebar menu → Inventory
  • Tap on the +
  • Scan a UPC or enter it manually and tap Done.
  • Enter a price and tap Done.
  • Tap Save in the lower left corner. Your item is now saved to the inventory.

Add customers

  • Tap on Sidebar Menu → Customers
  • Tap on the +
  • Enter the customer information (only a name is required)
  • Tap Save
  • Your customer now has an account at your store.

Ring Up a Sale

  • Tap on Sidebar Menu → Register
  • Scan a product (enter a price if it’s a new item) to add it to the receipt, or tap on the inventory icon to search for a product, and tap to add the item to the receipt.
  • Tap the green Charge button in the bottom right corner to go to the payment screen
  • Tap the green Tender button to run a cash transaction
  • Enter an email and tap Send to send an email receipt. You can also tap Print Receipt, or tap Skip to skip printing a receipt.

Run a Sales Summary Report

  • Tap on Sidebar Menu → Reports
  • Tap on Sales Summary Report
  • Tap on the Date in the upper left-hand corner
  • Tap on a calendar date, or you can tap on one of the pre-selected ranges across the top.
  • Your report for the selected date(s) appears. You can export (email it as a csv file) it by tapping on the blue box in the upper right-hand corner.

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