Combo Modifier Set

NOTE: What differentiates the Modifier sets from the Combo sets is that the Combo set options would consist of inventory items only, hence it is a text based modifier.

Create the Combo Modifier set in the iPad App

  1. Open the sidebar and tap on Combo Sets
  2. Tap on + to create a new Combo set
  3. Give the set a name (for example, Dinner set / Drinks Add-on)
  4. Check "Add" if the modifier is an Add-On or "Deduct" if the modifier is a deduction

→ Set a title for the Combo Modifier Set

→ You can choose a minimum amount of order for the Combo modifier set to appear and be applied to.

→ Select the Channels that you would want the Combo Modifier set to function in.

→ Select the Menu Inventory options that you want this Modifier set to be available for.

→ There is an option to allow the Combo Modifier Set to exist only when certain conditions are being met (e.g. minimum amount of orders to be fulfilled)

For more information, view the article “Modifier Sets” for more details.

Selling an Item with Modifiers

Return to the Register to order and checkout for your client.

You will notice a combo modifier set when clicking on specific items (that are within your selected department of items)

Select the correct modifier, and you would be able to the text modifiers within it as well.

Afterwards, you will be able to see the modifiers being applied in the checkout.

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