Associate Permissions

With Bindo you have the option to use our pre-set permission structure or customize permissions based on your own needs.  With both options you may define each user in your store as a specific role (the default options are "Manager", "Associate", or "Junior Associate").  You may choose the specific role for each user when you add them as a user in your store, or adjust their role under Bindo Settings > Business > Associates on the Bindo App.

When you first start with Bindo your store will be set to the default pre-set permissions as described at the bottom of this page.  To use customizable permissions you must check the "Enable Store Permission" box under Settings > Add-ons in the Bindo App.  

Customizable Permissions

With customizable permissions you can allow or disallow access for different user profiles across more than seventy individual settings.  These settings can be managed from the Bindo Dashboard under Settings > Permission.    

When you first navigate to the Permission settings page, you'll see three user roles "Manager", "Employee" and "Junior".  The Manager role will automatically have all permission settings pre-checked.

To adjust permissions for each role click on the "Edit Permission" button at the top right corner of the page.  Click on a circle to turn on the specific permission for whichever role you are editing.  For example if you'd like for all users to be able to view inventory, but you'd like for only Managers to be able to edit inventory you would add a check mark for all three profiles in the "Inventory - View Only" line, and you would add a check mark under Manager only in the "Inventory - Edit" line.

When you're done editing click "Save".  To quickly toggle all permissions on or off for a specific role use the "Select All" / "Unselect All" button at the bottom of the page.

Customizable Roles

If you'd like to set up more than three roles for additional user types you may do so.  Let's say you want to create a user that has access to reports and nothing else.  To create this role click on the "Edit Roles" button in the top right corner of the page.  Enter the name of the new role, for example "Reports Only" and click "Create new role".  When you are done adding roles click "Done".

Set up permissions for the specific role as explained in the "Customizable Permissions" section above.  To create a user with access to reports only check all of the circles in the "Report" section of the permissions page in the new "Reports Only" user column.   Once you have added this new user role to the store you will see the user role as a new option when adding new users to your store.

Pre-Set Permissions

Below is a breakdown of the pre-set permission structure for the three default user profiles.  These permissions will be in effect if do not have the "Enable Store Permission" checkbox selected under Settings > Add-ons in the Bindo App.

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