Using the mPOS

The mPOS, an abbreviation for mobile point-of-sale system, is a smartphone or wireless device such as a payment terminal that performs similarly to that of an actual traditional POS system. It is designed for businesses in the F&B industry to improve guest experience by offering extra mobility and functionality. This piece of technology is useful for those in outlets which would require interacting with clients outside of the business' geographic location as the staff can access the mPOS on their smartphones anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. While traditional POS systems use a desktop or tablet and hardware items including a cash drawer, receipt printer, and scanner, the mPOS allows for a much smaller and quicker setup.

Restaurant Mode

With the mPOS, users can take orders and payments in an efficient manner. For the restaurant mode, the iPad POS will still be required for the mPOS to function normally.

Here are the functions of the mPOS' Restaurant Mode:

- Takeaway

- Delivery

- Table Management for Dining in

- Express Payment

Retail Mode

The Retail Mode on the mPOS does not require a connection to the Bindo iPad POS to function accordingly.

Here are the functions of the mPOS' Retail Mode:

- Takeaway

- Delivery

- Express Payment

Payment Transactions

For each mode, the process is the same for taking orders and processing payments. Here are a few simple instructions on completing the process on the mPOS on phone and on a Pax A920 / A930:

  1. Select the correct function (takeaway, delivery etc.)
  2. Select the correct order items
  3. Click the blue button with the price shown on the bottom right corner
  4. Click the blue button with the price shown on the bottom right corner again
  5. Select the method of payment (Credit card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, Octupus)
  6. Proceed with tapping, inserting, or swiping the card (inserting and swiping only for Pax Smart POS) if the payment method involves a card OR scan the QR code with Alipay/WeChat Pay
  7. Print the receipt (only for Pax A920 / A930), email the receipt, or skip this process

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