Express Payment Overview

Express Payment

On [Register] (homepage), click on [Express Payment] to be directed to the Express Order pop-up. You can enter the Product Price, and Note to make a quick order. Click [Confirm] to create an order.

If applicable, click on the 'Scan' icon to scan the customer's membership QR code to retrieve customer's information, or any coupons to activate discounts.

Then, click on the blue button on the bottom right corner of the screen to review the cart and checkout. Click on [Payment] to proceed to payment gateway.


Card and Contactless

If the customer prefers to pay with their credit card. Select the corresponding icon, then either tap/ insert/ swipe the card to pay.


Click on the 'Cash' icon under 'Cash & Store Credit' and proceed the payment.

Store Credit

Customer's membership QR code has to be scanned in order to pay with Store Credit. If it is not scanned, click on [Back] to return to the cart, scan the membership QR code and click [Payment] again. Then, click on the 'human' icon next to the 'cash' icon to proceed the payment.

Customer can still pay with Store Credit even if they do no have enough balance. First, click on the store credit icon, a notification will pop up to remind you that the customer do not have enough balance to complete the full payment. Click on [Pay $__] to pay with Store Credit, then click on [Pay Remaining Balance of $___] and select the customer's desired payment method to complete the payment.

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