Admin Features

NOTE: Anything outside of the Bindo mPOS app has a password/PIN of ‘9876’

The System Admin password for all A930 mPOS is ‘888999’


In this section, upon entering the ‘System Admin’ password, the user is able to turn specific functions of the mPOS on and off, such as:

  1. Enabling/Disabling the Express Payment
  2. Advance Mode [Restaurant Mode/Retail Mode/QSR Mode] - based on the store mode
  3. Types of Procurement Method [Walk in/Take Away/Delivery]

*Subsequently, when setting the mPOS to restaurant mode, the user must first connect it to a Host IP (POS - iPad).

{→ Read “mPOS Restaurant Mode Setup” article, under POS Operations} for more information


The user can set basic features such as:
- Controlling receipt printing

- Control payment settings including tips

- Password authentication

- Notifications, etc.


Simply between the 2 available languages (中文/English) in this section.

Switch Store

This section has a list of all stores from the user’s POS system. To add or remove a store, the user needs to visit Bindo Dashboard

{→ Read “Create New Inventory Brands”, under Dashboard Articles}


After inputting the System Admin password, the user will be redirected to a page of a list of various A930 versions. The latest version is positioned at the top, and can be installed right away with the [Install] button.

Sign in/Sign out

  • To Sign In, enter user Email and Password, and choose a store. The user will then be directed to the ‘Mode’ page (see above).
  • Click Sign Out under ‘Admin’.

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